Series or parrallel cooling loops?? It could be either!!

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Series or parrallel cooling loops?? It could be either!!

Post by grumpydaddy on Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:33 am

The general concensus seems to be that series loops, that is loops with each cooling block one after another in series along a single tube, are best

I post here because I wondered if that rule is written in stone so I did a quick test to see....

I'm still playing with different ideas on my MOAF setup and found that when I push my overclock on the i7 950 to around 4.4, on the i7 920 to around 4.1 and run the q6600 at 3.6 the temps as read by core temp would be around 58, 58, and 38 degrees respectively. This is with the q6600 on its own loop and the 2 i7's on a parallel loop but in series with each other.

I decided to split the series loop and put each i7 in parallel too and the result?

Q6600 stays the same at 38 deg, 950 goes up 1 degree to 59 degrees and the 920 now runs at 46deg (ambient just now is 15 deg)

Conclusion: Your results will depend on the characteristics of your pump (flow and pressure curves) but it may be worth a quick test before finalising your build layout if you have more than one block in your loop ...Run it on the bench, for the price of a few feet of pipe you will know for sure which is best for you

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Re: Series or parrallel cooling loops?? It could be either!!

Post by 4hams on Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:23 pm

Thanks for the info grumpy.
I certainly agree that if looking for best cooling results it is best to test different setups before deciding which to use!

However more and more these days the impression I get from around the web is that people (not all but many) are water cooling for the Cool factor or how the machine looks rather than doing it strickly based on the need to cool components.

:Thankyou: for sharing!
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