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What is a Tablet PC Empty What is a Tablet PC

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Definitions of tablet pc.

•In general terms, tablet PC refers to a slate- or tablet- shaped mobile computer device, equipped with a touchscreen or stylus.

•is a portable computer having low weight (max 1.5 kg) and consumption. Its dimensions range between a PDA and a classical NTB (usually from 9" to 14"). It is controlled by touch screen and a special pen. ...

•A Tablet PC is a computer shaped in the form of a notebook except it has the capabilities of being written on through the use of digitizing tablet technology or a touch screen. A user can use a stylus and operate the computer without having to have a keyboard or mouse.

•U use an electronic stylus to write on the screen, just like with a pen & paper, only ur words r in digital ink. The Tablet PC saves ur work just like u wrote it (as a picture), or u can let the Hand Recognition (HR) software turn it into regular txt.

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