How to Choose Between a Laptop and Netbook

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How to Choose Between a Laptop and Netbook Empty How to Choose Between a Laptop and Netbook

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Found this article and thought it may be of interest to some folks.

How to Choose Between a Laptop and Netbook
By romian1, eHow Member..User-Submitted Article

When shopping for any computers, there are so many choices between desktops, laptops, notebooks, and netbooks. For people looking for portable computers such as laptops and netbooks, deciding between the two can still be a challenge. What doesn't help is the notebook and netbook having similar sounding names. In addition, there was a time when notebooks were ultra-light versions of laptops. There is not much of a difference between laptops and notebooks anymore. Here's how to choose between a laptop and netbook.

1 A netbook typically is a smaller and lighter version of a laptop/notebook with a primary function of accessing the internet. Purchase a netbook if your main use is to read and write e-mail, chat online, or surf websites.

2 Buy a netbook if you travel often or like to travel with a computing device. The size and weight will make the netbook more convenient for a mobile user.

3 Do not buy a netbook if you prefer typing on standard keyboards. The typical netbook have keyboards much smaller than standard keyboards and medium sized laptops. On average, the netbook keyboards are 83% to 95% smaller than the desktop keyboards.

4 Do not buy a netbook if you prefer viewing displays on monitors sizes of 14 inches or more. Typical netbook displays range from 10.2 inches to 7 inches. These sizes may be too small for many consumers.

5 Do not buy a netbook if you want to run multiple applications at the same time. For example, if you want to open a MS word document, powerpoint, and several web browsers at the same time, the netbook performance may degrade. Netbook processors are typically less powerful than a mid-level laptop or desktop processor (for example, a computer with a Pentium 4 or Althon X2 processor).

6 Do not buy a netbook if you intend to play personal computer games. Online games will be more suitable for netbooks. PC games that were released with the last two years typically have stringent system requirements. A desktop or laptop built within the last two years will handle PC games better over a netbook.

7 If shopping for a netbook, look for ones with hard disk drives. If you prefer storing documents on a hard drive, many netbooks will have large size drives of 120 GigaBytes (120 GB) or more. Some netbooks have no hard drives but will have memory storage in solid state circuit cards such as a Solid State Disk (SSD). Many SSDs are 16 GB or less. You can run out of storage space very quickly if you store multimedia files such as pictures or video. You will also have the same problem if you intend to install many software applications.

8 Normally, netbooks do not come with optical (CD or DVD) drives. Do not buy a netbook if you would like to install software on the netbook or if you want to view movies from a CD or DVD. Even though it is possible to watch movies online or download software online, having a CD or DVD drive may be important if there is no network service for the netbook.

9 Buy a laptop or notebook if you do not want to have the many disadvantages of the netbook described above.

10 Purchase a laptop or notebook if the price difference is within one-hundred to two-hundred dollars. Netbooks are typically cheaper than laptops or notebooks. However, high quality and high performance laptops have come down in prices and the cost benefits of a netbook go away.

11 A battery standard for the laptop or notebook (not the extended life battery) will not operate as long as a battery powering a netbook. A netbook uses processors, memory cards, and other components that use lower power over a laptop.
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