Transcend aXeRAM 4GB DDR3-2000

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Transcend aXeRAM 4GB DDR3-2000 Empty Transcend aXeRAM 4GB DDR3-2000

Post by McstylisT on Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:46 pm


For some enthusiasts, performance is paramount and speed is the addiction to satisfy, and it doesn't matter whether it's a CPU, SSD, GPU, or RAM (how's that for acronyms?). Today we're interested in the latter, and will be taking a close look at a sleek set of memory modules that run very fast, always an attractive combination in the world of computing speed for enthusiasts.
If you're looking for some high performance memory modules for your new Core i5/i7 system that aren't fussy, look great, and run fast, then today's product will certainly interest you. We're looking at a set of Transcend aXeRAM 4GB DDR3-2000 CAS9 modules that have some promise from what we've been told. Forgive us if we don't take Transcend's word for it though, we prefer to see for ourselves.
Let's do just that.
Thanks go to Transcend for supplying the review sample.

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