CCleaner v2.30.1130 (29 Mar 2010)

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CCleaner v2.30.1130 (29 Mar 2010) Empty CCleaner v2.30.1130 (29 Mar 2010)

Post by zebadee on Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:03 am

v2.30.1130 (29 Mar 2010)
- Improved Firefox History cleaning to remove orphaned items.
- Improved Opera History cleaning.
- Improved Options Include/Exclude screens.
- Added manual domain adding for Cookies to keep list.
- Added time remaining to Wipe Free space.
- Added context menu to Summary Results for individual rule cleaning.
- Added context menu to Detailed Results to add file to Exclude list.
- Improved Firefox database compacting.
- Improved support for OpenOffice.
- Improved support for screen reader.
- Improved registry detection and backup support for 64-bit OSs.
- Improved Free Space wiping routines.
- Fixed bug in application detection algorithm.
- Minor GUI improvements.

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