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Admin and Moderating Teams

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Admin and Moderating Teams Empty Admin and Moderating Teams

Post by McstylisT on Wed Feb 17, 2010 5:02 am

Welcome to the Admin & Moderators on the forum. They are as follows

ADMIN: McstylisT , Zebadee & 4hams

MODS: SMDUFF , HUGO & Georgeg4

These forum mods & Global mods patrol all the areas of the forum. Please be aware they are given the licence to moderate as they see fit. Anyone posing a potential problem or breach of the rules , your in there hands.

The Admin team have full Admin powers around the forum , as well as the Moderation powers too. So just do not mess would be my advice. Though Admins main concerns are managing the forums.

Thanks to each and every one of you for accepting my offer to help out here, i am sure you will do a great job as time goes on and this place gets larger and we begin to expand.

I expect the up most respect shown for the Admin & moderators at all times on the forum please , as they will doing what they can to help and at times co-running the forum alongside myself when needed.

They have powers to manage the forum & users accordingly . Any problems members or spammers will be dealt with by them when needed.


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