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DVDRanger Ver Update released Empty DVDRanger Ver Update released

Post by ReadMeToo® on Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:56 am

DVDRanger Ver Update released Version_4204_big

The DVD-Ranger team has again refined our product, and version ensures that you have the necessary platform to convert and copy all of your favorite Blu-rays and DVDs. As technology continues to adapt to the changing advances in consumer interests, minor tweaks are required to keep your rendering suite up to date. In the latest DVD-Ranger 4 Plus, you will notice:

DVD-Ranger Player – Added playback Blu-ray title and DVD title from disk, ISO and folder
DVD-Ranger Player – Downmix to Stereo option
DVD-Ranger Player – Subtitle rendering on Blu-ray and DVD playback
DVD-Ranger core engine – Fixed MKV encoding
DVD-Ranger core engine – Added Segmenter to split files while encoding
DVD-Ranger core engine – Fixed reading of bad DVDFab ISO images
New! DVD-Ranger Player – this stand-alone player is compact and quick! Boasting Pure HD CUDA decoding, it has been tested up to 2560 x 1440 pixels. When using the DVD-Ranger Player, no additional players or utilities are necessary!
Now with Blu-ray and DVD title playback.

Regardless of the current DVD-Ranger release you are using, it is always recommended that our customers download the latest updates. We are constantly making improvements to the platform and adapting our software to include all of the newest DVDs.

Download DVD-Ranger can be found by check for update or through the forum,

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