DVDFab is out (December 27, 2010)

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DVDFab is out (December 27, 2010) Empty DVDFab is out (December 27, 2010)

Post by zebadee on Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:32 pm

Dear all,

DVDFab is out:


What's New:

DVDFab is out (December 27, 2010)

New: Updated language files.
New: Some minor changes and improvements.
Fix: A compatibility problem with some anti-virus programs which prevents DVDFab to start.

Blu-ray Copy:
New: Added support for new Java-based protection.
New: Added support for interleaved H.264 when using Lightning-Recoding.
New: Improved main title selection logic again.
Fix: Fast forwarding problem on some new Blu-ray discs like Iron Man 2.
Fix: VLC cannot play backup m2ts file when using Lightning-Recoding in certain cases.

Blu-ray Ripper:
Fix: Wrong channel problem when converting LPCM/True-HD audio to MP4.

Blu-ray 3D Ripper:
New: Added multi-thread H.264 MVC decoder, it can speed up the decoder up to 60%.
New: Increased maximum encoding bitrate to 30Mbps.

Blu-ray to DVD Converter:
New: Added 2:3 pulldown for NTSC 24fps Blu-ray disc.
Fix: A/V sync problem on certain NTSC Blu-ray discs.

Best Regards,

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DVDFab is out (December 27, 2010) Empty Re: DVDFab is out (December 27, 2010)

Post by bob2701 on Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:33 pm

thanks again Zeb
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