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Post by 4hams on Sun Feb 07, 2010 6:12 pm

Forum rules

Attention to all Members.

This forum will be a slightly more relaxed place to hang out and discuss your PC Hardware , Overclocking skills or even just discuss how your local football team got on at the weekend.

We feel some restraints on other internet forums can at times alter with the natural feel of a place and how users can interact.

We do however have some obvious rules that go without question. Myself and the forum staff would appreciate if these rules were followed at all times. You may then participate and have fun on the board as you wish.

1 - Please be respectful to the forum and all other forum members that participate here. We are trying to build something solid with a friendly relaxed member base. Anyone causing problems will be dealt with accordingly and in a strict manor.

2 - No spamming is permitted on the board , this is a personal user interaction base forum only. You will be BANNED PERMANENTLY

3 - You must be at least 14 years old to use this forum , due to some of the low restrictions in general chat forums some young people could be easily offended. We do not want that happening to anyone here.

4 - No using forum space for any type of advertisement for own gain. This means in any way possible. From user profile links and open forum posting. Doing so without the Administrator permission is NOT permitted in any way. This is a form of spamming and would be dealt with in a serious manor.

5 - No nudity or Porn related pictures or links please. Doing this would be classed as seriously spamming the board. This will get you banned without question. No exceptions.

6 - Try to keep topic's in the correct areas. Some discussions may fall under two category's however if the forum staff feel a topic is posted in the wrong area it will be moved by a mod or the Admin teams with out notice , and moved to the correct forum.

7 - Please only join the forum for genuine reasons. This is a free interesting community , that we appreciate. You are free and welcome to join , but please do so with the intent on being a genuine member here with no hidden agenda. We can only grow with the fourth coming of you , the new next genuine member of the board.

This forum is run by adults for adults. While we will let colourful banter go. Please do not go to extremes or use out of context. In other words in jest only.

Thanks for your time in reading the rules , Please feel free to participate and enjoy the forum

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