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Post by 4hams on Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:09 am

What is AutoHDR?

Despite great advances in technology, even the best camera often can't come close to capturing in a single shot the full range of light and shade visible to the human eye. Also, unlike your eye which can adjust as it looks at each area of a scene, your camera is forced to make a single choice at the moment you press the button. It will do its best to select the most appropriate range but will often be forced to throw away (clip) either the darkest or brightest bits of the picture. The result of this is that your final photos can be a poor representation of reality.
While the limited range of the camera is a problem, it is its inability to adjust across the scene that is more often the cause of disappointing images. There are a number of software solutions available which try to correct this (Photomatix, Dynamic Photo HDR and easyHDR to name a few) but AutoHDRTM is different...

•It's free - Download the latest free version now using the link at the top of the page and start creating your own HDR* images. AutoHDRTM doesn't ruin your images with watermarks but acknowledgement would be appreciated if results are posted online.

•It's simple - Just drop any single picture into AutoHDRTM and process with one click - no need to create multiple exposures, use RAW files or manually mask areas or brush on effects. AutoHDRTM works it all out for you!

•It's clean - The default settings produce natural, clean results free from halos, garish colours and other artefacts often associated with other HDR software. It's also flexible enough to create more artistic results if you wish.

•It's really small - No installation or registration hassle makes the AutoHDRTM file smaller than just one of your pictures. Just save it to your computer and run it from there.

*A more accurate but less well understood description would be pseudo-HDR as this process delivers the 'HDR look' achieved through a sophisticated implementation of local tone-mapping but admittedly is still limited by the dynamic range of a single camera shot. A full HDR image should attempt to represent the full dynamic range available to the eye and therefore will require the combination of multiple images until technology improves.


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Post by SavageNFS on Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:35 am

Thanks for posting this Joel!

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